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Clubs wishing to arrange FRIENDLY'S/RUN TOURNAMENTS please note:   02/08/2018

Friendly Games:

Clubs are required to inform the League of any FRIENDLY they wish to play, This is an FAI rule and best practice.

Clubs wishing to stage Friendlies / challenge matches  MUST FIRST inform and receive permission from The MSL  to hold these games. ( Fixture sec is the best contact ) If no permission is received, the game cannot be refereed by any registered official.
This is an FAI directive and best practice.


Clubs wishing to run a tournament must first apply for permission to the Munster Football Association on an official application form. In accordance with rules all applications must be made prior to June 1st.

A downloadable/printable form can be found in the Downloadable Forms page.

This form, when completed by the club, must then be signed by the League Hon. Secretary (M S L) before being sent to the Hon. Secretary of the Munster Football Association.

When permission is granted the club will receive the form back, by e-mail, bearing the Munster Football Association stamp and signed by the Hon. Secretary of the Association. This must then be produced to the referee(s) before they can staff the games.

The local referees society has been informed that their members are not to officiate at any tournament games unless the organisers can produce the letter of authorisation from the Munster Football Association.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
The Secretary, Munster Football Association, Turners Cross Stadium, Curragh Road,
Turners Cross, Cork. Phone: 087-8345020

FORM PR-1 (also on this website "Downloadable Forms" page)

On behalf of ___________________________FC, I hereby make application to the Munster Football Association for permission to organise a tournament as detailed on the attached form PR-2 in the Province of Munster and we undertake to abide by the following regulations.

The competition will commence not earlier than the 1st June and will be completed by the 15th August.

Only referees registered with the FAI will officiate in the competition.

A copy of the rules of the competition must be supplied to the MFA with the application form.

The organising committee shall appoint a committee of not less than five persons who shall decide on all disputes, protests and misconduct within twenty four hours of a game being played. In serious cases, these shall be referred to the MFA. Any person or club not satisfied with a decision of the organising committee has the right to appeal to the MFA in accordance with the rules of that body.

The organising committee shall have an entry form for each team or group playing in the tournament, and this shall contain the name and address of each player participating. It shall also include the name of the club for which the player is currently or previously registered.

No player under suspension by any football body shall be allowed to participate.

All cases of misconduct of a serious nature must be reported to the Munster Football Association by the referee and the organising committee immediately after the game.

All rules of the Munster Football Association and the Football Association of Ireland must be adhered to by the organisers.

This completed application form must be submitted along with Form PR-2 and returned with the permit fee of €10 per team entered in the tournament to the Hon.Sec. of the Munster Football Association at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the tournament.

Organising clubs are reminded that they must arrange public liability Insurance in relation to their competition. The Munster Football Association will not accept any responsibility what ever in the matter.

Signed on behalf of___________________________FC.Name:____________________________________

Address:___________________________________Phone:___________Position in club:_______________

Signed on behalf of the Munster Football Association:__________________________Date:___________

OffShapeicial use only


To the Tournament Referee(s):
Please note that the above club have received permission to run a tournament only if this form has been stamped with an official MFA stamp.




NAME OF CLUB STAGING TOURNAMENT:______________________________________

HON. SECRETARY’S NAME: ______________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________


PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________________



NAME OF LEAGUE AFFILIATED TO: ______________________________________

DATE (S) OF PROPOSED TOURNAMENT:_____________________________________

ShapeShapeShapeNUMBER OF TEAMS TAKING PART: 10 or less: 10-20 OVER 20
NOTE: Tournament Fee is €10 per team entered.
Fee to be paid by cheque or postal order made payable to the Munster Football Association.
NOTE: This section must be filled in by the Hon.Secretary of the League in whose area the tournament is to be played in.

On behalf of the ________________________________League I wish to state that

we have no objection to _________________________FC staging a tournament as

detailed above. We confirm that the club have Public Liability Insurance for the ground (s) the tournament is to take place on.

SIGNATURE OF LEAGUE HON.SECRETARY_____________________________________


NOTE: Clubs staging tournaments must use referees who are registered with the Football Association of Ireland.
If a player is sent off the field of play for a serious offence, a copy of the referees report must be sent to the Hon.Sec.of the Munster Football Association immediately after the game, along with the players full postal address, stating what club if any he was registered with.