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Helpful info,Re: Registration,Match Cards,ILLEGAL PLAYERS etc.   02/08/2018

“Club Secretaries and Delegates have a responsibility to relay all important information back to their clubs, club officials, managers etc. Failure to do so could be the cause of suspensions or fines etc. being imposed on players or clubs, regarding for example, the filling out of forms or match day team sheets incorrectly or playing unregistered players.

If in doubt, contact the league.

Here is some helpful information, please relay same to your club officials.

**Results (scores and scorers) must be returned by text asap after matches to Pat Quinn 086 8271900 and Barry Cotter 087 2276190.

Deadline: Friday games 10 pm, Sat games 6pm, Sun morning games 1.30 pm, Sun afternoon games 5pm. Failure to notify the league with results will incur a fine as per rule 34 a.**

Keane and Beamish Junior League Cups TBC ( knock out, finish on the night Extra time and penalties if needed).

Intermediate Cup Dates : TBC. 

Ml Ward TBC. 

All fixture requests to Barry Cotter by email please : mslfixturesecretary85@gmail.com. Friendlies must be notified to the Fixtures Secretary or Hon Secretary prior to match taking place.

Pubic Liability Insurance: copy of up to date certs to Pat Lyons A MUST.


All Correspondence regarding Registrations and Transfers should be sent to the Hon. Registrar Leslie Doyle, 

It is the responsibility of all clubs to check their players registration on the FAI NET and ensure all is correct. There is NO facility to advise clubs on adjustments or updates. Any issues with registration please email Leslie Doyle, Hon. Registrar.

***NEVER remove a player on FAI NET from your club for any reason.

If you are transferring a player to another club you MUST place him in the inactive file.

When moving a player to junior or senior, place him in the inactive file of the level he is leaving and place him in the active file of the level he is going to.

If you are altering your panel in ANY way please notify the Hon. Registrar by EMAIL only.


Please ensure a copy of your registered players is given to your respective team managers. 

Make sure that the players you have signed are not registered with any other club/league, if in doubt leave them out and check with the Registrar of the league.

Players who have played in any Domestic Senior Cup Game cannot play in Domestic Junior Cup games.

Local Suspensions are served in local competition. If in doubt contact Michael Foley and clarify.

Yellow Cards: If in doubt check also with Michael Foley.


Transfer forms MUST be accompanied with a registration form. If a player is coming from another league, it HAS to be signed by that leagues secretary/registrar.



Re-grading to Junior Status: Any player who has played (5) five or more matches in the current season at Senior/Intermediate level may be re-graded by his league to play at Junior level. All Leagues must facilitate application for re-grading, which must be submitted before 31st January. Any player may only be re-graded once during the current season.

Registrations: As per new FAI online registration system, Contact the Hon Registrar if in doubt.

Secretaries should ensure they witness in person, the signature of any player signing a registration/transfer Form. 

FAI Junior cup forms to be returned to MSL Hon Sec with €30.00 cheque by (Date to be confirmed) for forwarding to Dublin

MFA  Senior and Junior Cup forms and cheque to be returned to Ger Delaney MFA.

Match day team sheets are issued to all clubs, please identify Junior on senior team, and Youth player on both, Both teams to have team sheets completed and ready on match day.

Technical areas are to be observed at all times on match day.

Technical areas must be clearly marked out at all grounds and must be observed by all.

Yellow and Red cards will be monitored by Michael Foley and Sean O'Sullivan, they will give updates if needed. Check if in doubt.

Fines will be sent out every 6 weeks and they expect prompt payment.

Suspensions: local suspensions are in MSL competitions, Check rule book, Please read and understand these and make all aware of the consequences of errors. We want competitions won fairly on the field of play and not for errors made off it. Good habits please.

New kit sponsorship with O Neills, a club of the week presentation and Beamish match of the Week, clubs are asked to co-operate.

All the best for season ahead.


Game cancellation; 

Contact and receive permission from Fix Sec MSL in first instance, then contact the opposition and match referee.


Match day team sheets:

Some club officials fail to complete match day team sheets correctly.

They MUST be completed in BLOCK LETTERS.

Enter the full Christian and Surnames, with player’s numbers matching the name on the team sheet.

Under no circumstances is a nickname to be used.

The team sheet MUST be signed by the club official or Team manager in charge on match day.

Make sure the team sheet is legible

Please make sure names on the match card include players who have been registered on the official registration list only.

Team Managers/Club Secretary/official': Please "Text” Results AND Scorers only, to Pat Quinn (Results co-ordinator) on 0868271900 AND Barry Cotter (Fixtures Secretary) on 0872276190 ASAP after games, home or away". 

Deadline: Friday games 10 pm, Sat games 6pm, Sun morning games 1.30 pm, Sun afternoon games 5pm. Failure to notify the league with results will incur a fine as per rule 34 a.**

No match reports are needed, just results and scorers.